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Madame Manga's Body Shop and Custom Paint

Madame Manga
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This journal is now devoted to my fan fiction. What stories you can find of mine on the Net were written for Star Trek: Voyager (1995-99), professional wrestling, specifically the Undertaker (2001-2004) and Japanese manga, specifically Gunsmith Cats, Hellsing and Blade of the Immortal. Currently I am posting new work here, and probably will also upload a selection of older stuff.

Just to state the obvious: All of my stories are fiction. Not only are they fiction, they're based on other people's published fiction, which is about as fictional as it gets. No actual human beings are involved or will ever be involved in any of these scenarios.

I would characterize myself as an erotic/action writer with a genre feel but a literary bent. Sure, that makes LOADS of sense...just give it a try and you may see what I mean! Most of my work is meant for grownups and may involve sexual activity or violence, including firearms. I don't do vile and tasteless, though I get an occasional non-ritualistic hard-on for butts and bondage. I have been known to discuss touchy religious and gender issues and use Anglo-Saxon words for body parts and functions, though not necessarily all at the same time.

This is where I'm putting the artwork sent to me by fellow fans. I have posted most of it on this journal, but the explicitly erotic items are friendslocked. Click on this link to view it if you're not friended, or ask me to add you to the list.

Stories resident on this Livejournal:

Blade of the Immortal

Abstinence Education

I encourage you to download the PDFs rather than pick your way through the numerous posts in the memories!

Collected volumes of 'Abstinence Education'. Please download these for the most up-to-date version of the story. These are PDF files, complete with title pages and glossaries. They run 50 to 100 pages each, and can be read in a web browser or Acrobat Reader, a free utility from Adobe.

Manji and Rin: a two-character study at first, then branching out into the larger world as the implications of their developing relationship multiply. Sex is a powerful animal, and once it's let loose, almost impossible to get back under restraint. A passionate young woman and a roughneck swordsman push up against the ragged edges of their unique attachment to each other, with comedic and erotic results. Manji and Rin's teacher-pupil arrangement soon mutates into a more dramatic situation; they must struggle with their own unexpected complications and the dangerous agendas of others.

Otonotachibana Makie, the peerless swordswoman, makes a startling disclosure to Rin, and clashes with Manji; Anotsu Kagehisa's mysterious intentions loom like a dark cloud on the horizon. Manji's blunt manners raise the ire of an impulsive young samurai, whose pride leads him into a three-sided conflict of honor, revenge and love. Old enemies make new acquaintances, and Rin's quest for justice for her murdered parents takes surprising twists along the road.

The period atmosphere of late eighteenth-century Japan and the punk sensibility of 'Blade of the Immortal' blend into this slightly alternate fan fiction universe. Sex, violence and black humor spice up the narrative; this historical setting is the opposite of dry!

'Abstinence Education' is a full-blown serial with over 30 chapters to date, which is why I've started collecting it into convenient volumes. Don't miss it; this is a story for every fan of 'Blade of the Immortal', feudal Japan, or erotic adventure to enjoy...

Towards Night

Illustrated story in a sequence of pages, a joint creation with Amberguesa. An alternate scenario with Manji and Rin, taking off from the basic situation established in my serial Abstinence Education. Sexually explicit in both text and drawings: very much adults-only.

Gunsmith Cats

Chasing the Dragon

This wide-ranging action drama follows May and Rally all the way out to sunny California. They're on vacation, but of course they haven't forgotten to bring their guns and grenades! Why is big Bean Bandit prowling the streets of Hollywood? Why is he meeting with a slick drug dealer when he promised Rally never to touch the stuff again?

She dives right in to find the answer and runs headlong into the murderous Eight Dragon Triad. This sinister syndicate is plotting to extend its reach to her beloved Chicago! Will Bean help her or hinder her, and can she keep her head when the raunchy Roadbuster muscles his way into a piece of her action? Rally discovers a new erotic aspect to her long-standing rivalry with Bean, the baddest mo'fo ever to commit moving violations on the streets of San Francisco!

Written over five years and comprising thirty action-packed chapters, Chasing the Dragon is the most epic Gunsmith Cats fic on the Net. Extensively researched and steeped in the spirit of the manga, it's wall-to-wall ferocious gunplay, screeching tires, hilarious hard-boiled dialogue and white-hot action of every description! If you like laughs, romance, fast-paced thrills and the roar of motor muscle, you're sure to enjoy Chasing the Dragon!

Download PDF volumes of Chasing the Dragon (currently revised through Chapter 13)


Rally's going to kick back and enjoy herself while May is out of town. Ah, peace and solitude! But why is Bean Bandit lurking uninvited in her living room, and why is he looking at her like THAT? Let's just say it wasn't entirely his idea!

Why would anyone want to force Bean to attack her? Rally has to muster all her resources to save herself from a fate worse than death! With the help of the Chinese medicine and drug expert Granny Hao, perhaps she can solve the malevolent mystery. But in order to overcome their deadly dilemma, both Rally and Bean will have to brave emotional hazards neither of them ever expected to encounter.



Loosely based on The Flying Dutchman, a novella starring an alternate version of the Undertaker in his biker persona. My first venture into wrestlefic, dating from 2000-2001. Decidedly adults only: violence, sex, nonconsent issues. Updated for this PDF edition, 2009.


The Fruit of Her Womb
Set in 1927. A prequel or bridge between "Dracula" and Hellsing. Alucard attends the wedding of Mina Harker's only child and learns who her descendant will be.

The Burning Cross

A sequel to "The Fruit of Her Womb", set in 1940. Mina Murray Harker is inescapably reminded of the pain of her past and of the perilous future of her family in the undying person of Alucard, who has a dark agenda of his own. Amid the bombed ruins of Coventry, she looks for hope in a failing heart.

To get in touch with me, my AOL email is the most reliable method. Please put something other than a greeting or generic statement in the header, because it may end up in my spam folder otherwise. Something specific to a fandom is usually safest: "Bean and Rally 4EVA", for example, though for God's sake, don't try to speak 133t to me. I'd have to show it to my 13-year-old for translation, and none of us wants that to happen. I'm occasionally logged into AIM. Same guidelines apply.

"Friending" update, July '07. If you want to add me, go ahead. If you want to be added back and put on the list to view the erotic fan artwork I post when someone's kind enough to send it to me, leave a post or send me an email to say so. However, you can also check the artwork page on magatsu.net. I'll be putting links on that page to all the artwork that goes up here.